In Another Life


Pairing: FrostIron
Rating: Mature
Summary: An unexpected visitor puts Loki more than once in a difficult position and in hopes to find more behind a very snarky attitude he steps over more than one boundary
Warnings: This was actually a prompt humanoidglammonster gave me: Odin takes Thor and Loki to choose their brides (slaves). Loki finds a broken (but still a fighter) Tony and choose him despite Odin and Thor’s opinions. Set in IRON MAN 1, before THOR (Tony is somehow taken from the desert after he escapes from the Ten Rings. Normally I try to keep my filled prompts to 500+ words. This was just too complicated to keep it that simple and so this is a 4828 words monster. I really do hope people will like it. Thanks to johnnykitten for taking the time to read this and giving me this huge ego boost and enough confidence to post it.

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Oh My God…It’s…It’s too beautiful for words…I can’t…

My Review for: Ophelia Dreams by AislingSiobhan

First half of the fic: Sexy…

But then, the other half of the fic: OH GOD WHY!!!

The author’s reaction:


It’s disgusting, how I love you.
God, I hate me. I could kill you.
Cause your messing up my name.
Gotta walk my talk my fame, but I just want to touch your face.
It’s disgusting.
It’s disgusting, how you changed me.
From a bandit to a baby.
Thinking about gotta change my name,
If I’m gonna walk this walk of shame.
Look at what you do to me.
It’s disgusting.


Chapter by chapter, I’m falling faster and faster,
Becoming manic and magic it’s so romantic I panic, oh.
Hit the eject button but it must be stuck, somethings up.
What did you slip into my drink?